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It’s no secret that Inflo was created based on our founding team’s deep knowledge and expertise of auditing to provide a robust solution for auditors.

Inflo supports auditors by performing a significant number of procedures required by commonly used audit methodologies. This gives auditors the tools they need to execute an effective, high quality and truly valuable audit.

Relevant Modules: Request & Share, Assess & Scope, Interrogate & Evaluate, Focus & Assure, Verify & ReviewInsights.

Inflo provides a seamless transition of data from client accounting systems to analytical review. More advanced automation, through the use of APIs, offers firms the opportunity to enhance process quality and efficiency. Data is reformatted, transformed, and transferred to established accounts preparation and trial balance software.

Relevant Modules:Request & Share, Assess & Scope.

Inflo can effortlessly supplement bookkeeping services, providing invaluable insights that reinforce the quality of outsource work and provide an opportunity to elevate services by adding fraud reviews or KPI benchmarking to the suite of services offered.

Relevant Modules: Assess & Scope, Interrogate & Evaluate, Focus & AssureInsights.

The versatility of Inflo lends itself to being a robust solution for even the most bespoke of engagement procedures. This allows firms to provide the services clients desire and design the procedures that matter and the insights that are valuable.

Relevant Modules:Request & Share, Assess & Scope, Interrogate & Evaluate, Focus & Assure, Verify & ReviewInsights.


Find out how Inflo opens up a new way to collaborate with your clients on tax

Inflo enables more effective collaboration between service lines, offering your clients a single digital communication channel to your firm. Inflo eliminates situations when clients become frustrated with a lack of knowledge share or duplicate information requests.

Access to the final financial information provides diligent version control and allows tax teams to self-serve, providing you with more control when supporting other service lines.

Relevant Modules: Request & Share, Assess & Scope.

Inflo enhances the delivery of a broad range of tax engagements, allowing tax specialists to quickly gather the relevant financial information and perform analysis on tax-specific balances and transactions.

Beyond engagement delivery, Inflo supports identification of tax consulting opportunities. For example, through identifying clients with complex sales tax arrangements or investing heavily in areas such as research and development.

Relevant Modules: Request & Share, Assess & Scope, Interrogate & Evaluate, Focus & Assure.


Find out how Inflo helps you cut thorugh the noise when it comes to consulting

Irrespective of whether fraud is known or suspected, Inflo’s characteristic and relationship analytics, complemented by root-cause interrogation and AI, allow deep exploration, analysis and investigation of transactional data.

Relevant Modules: Request & Share, Assess & Scope, Interrogate & Evaluate, Focus & Assure.

Outsourced internal audit services can leverage Inflo to explore client data and identify characteristics, patterns, or relationships that might warrant sampling or testing. Inflo also offers firms a continuous auditing capability.

Relevant Modules: Request & Share, Assess & Scope, Verify & ReviewInterrogate & Evaluate, Focus & Assure.

Buy side due diligence engagements have a reputation for having aggressive timelines and variability in the data and detail provided. Inflo’s range of techniques to perform the extraction and data collection process allows speed and adaptability, which enables users to immediately cut through the noise and focus on the areas that require focused diligence.

Sell side due diligence engagements commonly grapple with the challenges of project management. Providing underlying support and context to prepared schedules can be time consuming, and ensuring that the focus is not lost on the areas of business performance that drive a target’s valuation is critical. Utilizing Inflo allows for more transparent collaboration between due diligence teams. Industry benchmarking and insights can also support increased business valuations.

Relevant Modules: Request & Share, Assess & Scope, Interrogate & Evaluate, Focus & AssureInsights.

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