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Redefined Audit Analytics Software

To stay ahead of the digital revolution, accounting firms need to embrace cutting-edge techniques and navigate new ways of adding value to their clients. Typically, this is achieved by embracing audit analytics software, providing you with advanced and powerful features that will drive and enhance your use of analytics within audit, compliance and risk.

There are a handful of audit analytics software providers in the accountancy market for audit and accountancy, all offering parts of an audit solution, but Inflo delivers a redefined full-service accounting data analytics solution. Designed by accountants for accountants, Inflo was built to empower accountants and solve the ever-increasing challenges that
accountants face through our audit data analytics software.

Our audit data analytics software has been revolutionary for the accountancy profession, supporting clients to digitise their practice, improve the process, and retain a competitive advantage. The continuous innovation of our audit analytics software coupled with our relationships with industry bodies and customers, ensures that we are staying ahead of regulation within the accountancy profession and continuously improving the technology for the better.


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    Inflo Collaborate

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    Inflo Ingest

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Inflo Collaborate


  • Share request lists and collaborate with clients, anywhere, using your own templates or with help from Inflo Hi.
  • Track every request and monitor outstanding requests in real time.
  • Take control of project management with a transparent workflow, user responsibilities and clear deadline management.
  • Eliminate the need for time-consuming and less secure email exchange.

Inflo Ingest


  • Your clients share data directly from their system to Inflo.
  • Secure connectors interface directly with your client’s system to pull only what’s required.
  • Automated validation checks are carried out to verify the correctness of the data.
  • Our highly skilled data team are on hand to cleanse the data, so your teams don’t have to.

Inflo Flux

  • Uses the trial balance data from a client system to show how a business is performing.
  • Highlight unusual movements, set expectations on the data, examine trends from year to year, enhancing your preliminary analysis and final analytical review
  • Gives you a true insight into a client's business, while allowing teams to conduct thorough risk assessment analysis

Inflo Explore


  • Enhance your preliminary analysis, scoping and risk assessment with a variety of visuals to help you see trends and explore underlying detail.
  • Use the dynamic interface to filter and compare multiple accounts and groupings to identify high risk areas.
  • Replace the need for time-consuming manual analysis of summary financial information.

Inflo Select


  • Perform automated test samples from a population of transactions quickly and easily.
  • Designed to complement the firm’s existing methodologies and processes.
  • Ability to phase your compliance engagements across the year providing a continuous, valuable service and easing pressure during the busy season.

Inflo Detect

  • Instantly identify transactions with unusual characteristics using inbuilt complex automated tests.
  • Identify indicators of fraud, management override of controls, inefficient processes, unusual behaviour and ineffective controls quickly and easily.
  • Create your own tests without the need for scripting knowledge.
  • Publish results to your client to showcase the depth of the interrogation.

Inflo Revenue Cascade

Cascade Revenue

  • Visually present all transactions in the revenue and receivables cycle. comparing to the expected workflow.
  • Quickly identify all those transactions that deviate from the norm.
  • Transform your knowledge of an organisation and their processes by instantly visualising and stratifying huge data populations.

Inflo Metrics


  • Automatically prepare metrics, ratios, KPIs, and financial performance indicators.
  • Ability to benchmark against industry specific standards.
  • Useful for identifying areas for improvement and new opportunities to support the client.
  • Give clients a unique perspective of their business and how they compare to best-in-class.

Inflo Reports

report 2

  • The Reports module combines testing results and visuals into a final report including visuals and supporting content.
  • Add value to your client deliverables by including unique and tangible insights to their data.
  • Save time by simply ticking the boxes to get the results you need in a tailored PowerPoint presentation.

Inflo Workpapers

Why Choose Inflo

Inflo makes leading-edge technologies accessible to the accounting profession by providing digital audit analytics software, knowledge and continued support; allowing you to add value to your clients in new and innovative ways. As a cloud-based, user-friendly audit analytics software platform, Inflo’s accounting data analytics software is separated into ten key modules that incorporates machine learning AI in financial services, providing you with real-time audit analytics.

Our audit software gives you access to granular, consistent, and reliable data from clients, providing real-time accounting analytics you need to perform your existing services in new and efficient ways and to unlock new service offerings.

Inflo automates hours of work accounting firms currently perform manually, freeing time up for more valuable, client-focused activities. Our Hybrid Intelligence functionality which puts us further ahead in audit analytics software, also puts robotic process automation, process mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques at your fingertips. You can use this cutting-edge computing capability to augment existing expertise.

Our digital audit analytics software allows you to identify notable transactions and compare them to industry benchmarks, meaning you can show clients how they stack up against the best-in-class. In addition to this, one of the core strengths of Inflo is the Data Ingestion capabilities - Inflo has been designed to ingest data from 100% of accounting firms systems, yes you read that correctly, 100%! Historically accounting firms would sample test and would manually go through information - the Inflo platform connects to accounting systems removing opportunity for any information to be altered.


Why Inflo is a leader in audit and accounting software

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Identifying Risks in AI Financial Services

Inflo is a cloud-based digital audit software solution that provides financial data analytics and AI technology-based AI in financial services allowing you to deliver more valuable and efficient service to your clients. One aspect of our audit software solution which is leading in AI in financial services, Inflo Hybrid Intelligence (InfloHI), represents the future of accounting: a hybrid of emerging technologies with human intelligence to maximise value and impact.

Techniques such as machine learning, robotic process automation, and AI in financial services are changing the face of accounting. InfloHI converges the most advanced techniques available to augment your firm’s expertise. InfloHI targets the pain points of you and your clients, applying the most appropriate technique to ensure relevance and reliability. Whether applying robotic process automation to data ingestion, machine learning to fraud assessment or process mining to business cycles, InfloHI instantly performs thousands of calculations across millions of transactions. It transforms the way you work with your clients.

Embraced by some of the leading accounting firms in the world, Inflo capitalises on vast quantities of financial data and user behaviour. Complemented by our team’s deep domain expertise, Inflo provides an unrivalled ability to support, replicate, and advance the activities you perform day-in and day-out. In contrast, traditional data collection methods with your clients are susceptible to risks. In Inflo, data can be extracted from accounting system or a backup of the system – no room for tampering or alteration of data – no need to spend time checking for accuracy or completeness.

We believe our audit analytics software is changing the accountancy profession for the better - eliminating elements of risk within the audit process in financial services and strengthening businesses internal controls to protect them against potential risks.


Transforming the world of accounting

Inflo empowers accounting firms with revolutionary computing intelligence. It extracts data from the accounting system of an organisation, providing accountants with a broad range of financial analysis to interpret.

Fully compatible

Fully compatible

Inflo can ingest data from 100% of client accounting systems and be seamlessly integrated with existing methodologies, processes, and software in accounting firms.

Intuitive visualisations

Intuitive visualisations

Intuitive dashboards visualise every client transaction, making it easy for you to spot unusual trends that could have slipped under the radar and benchmark clients against their peers.

Real-time insights

Real-time insights

Inflo works in real time, which means you can pass insights on to your clients while they’re relevant, not months down the line.

Revolutionary intelligence

Revolutionary intelligence

Next-generation computing intelligence takes the busy-work out of accounting, freeing you up to use your expertise to add value to your clients.

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