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New Release

Our newest releases include Inflo Workpapers content management and the ability to conduct group audit engagements using the Inflo Digital Audit.

A transformative approach to audit documentation

Inflo Workpapers is the world’s first data-driven, AI enabled audit engagement solution. It combines trial balance capabilitiesaccountability workflow and work paper management with Inflo’s broader capabilities to deliver a complete Digital Audit approach. 

Utilize Inflo’s global selection of innovative and scalable proprietary audit methodologies or embed your own to deliver compliant, consistent, efficient and valuable audit engagements.

Leverage a scalable, data-driven approach 

Work flexibly and remotely 

Comply with standards 

Use innovative, industry tailored methodologies 

Group Audits

Easier and more efficient group audits.

  • Group engagements. Several workprograms within the Inflo Digital Audit methodology are now replaced by more comprehensive group engagement team or component team workprograms when performing such engagements
  • Refined approach. Inflo’s Group Scoping Advanced screen utilizes trial balance data from each component to provide a more sophisticated and scientific approach to designing the optimum group audit strategy and plan
  • Better judgement. Component Materiality Allocation Advanced Screen uses InfloHI functionality to analyze the trial balance data of in-scope components to propose an optimum allocation of group materiality
  • Relevant sharing. Inflo’s advanced capability includes ability to share with the relevant components, work performed by the group engagement team, and any findings identified

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Content Management

Embed and tailor your audit approach and workflows

  • Customized templates. Implement customizable methodologies using Inflo template packs or creating your own.
  • Requirements integration. Incorporate your firm’s requirements into Inflo methodology, using integrated data analytics.
  • Focused responses. Create pre-populated responses and include firm specific guidance for team members.
  • Content control. Easily create content for non-audit engagements

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Scalable, data-driven 

Uniquely scalable to your biggest and smallest audits. 

  • Any client. Scalable to efficiently audit less complex entities while having the sophistication for the largest listed clients. 
  • Data-driven. Data is used to automate routine audit activities and inform key judgements.
  • Integrated data analyticsAdvanced audit techniques are integrated at procedure level to replace manual tasks. 
  • Better outputs. Diligent logging of audit findings supports more valuable client reporting. 

Flexible, remote 

Perform and manage your audits on any device, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Work flexibly. Accessibility from any device allows for flexible working and remote audit services. 
  • Always insync. Frustrating synchronization or desktop transfer challenges with colleagues are eliminated. 
  • Real-time status.  Embedded accountability and progress tracking provide real-time status updates. 
  • Deadline management. Defined milestones ensure critical tasks are completed to timetable. 

Standards compliant 

Embed audit compliance into your natural workflow. 

  • Ensure compliance. Audit standards are embedded, guiding compliant audits. 
  • Guided responses. Prepopulated responses for each procedure guide auditors and improve documentation. 
  • Documentation controls. In-built controls stipulate documentation requirements. 
  • Advanced templates. Intuitive screens guide auditors through challenging audit requirements. 

Innovative methodologies 

Replace checklists with innovative, proven audit techniques.  

  • AI supported. Recommendations from InfloHI support auditors in assessing risk and determining responses. 
  • Industry specific. Industry content packs provide approaches tailored to each client. 
  • Group engagements. Advanced functionality supports group scoping, materiality allocationscomponent team collaboration and sharing of work. 
  • Customized methodologies. Create your own content pack, work programs or procedures to execute your audit approach. 

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