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Digital Collaboration

Structured collaboration software to help teams save time, work securely, and improve client experience – all on one easy-to-use platform.

Includes a fully featured secure client portal, portfolio dashboards, access restrictions, deadline reminders, group client oversight, access on any device, and more.


Collaboration Software to Organize Audit Information Flow

For audit teams, disorganized information is breeds inefficiencies. Tracking down files scattered across team members or not yet provided slows you down and stalls your growth. Digital Collaboration organizes information by providing structure to the flow of information during the audit, which your clients will love. Now you have more time to focus on delivering an effective, valuable audit.

Collaboration Software to Organize Audit Information Flow

Start collaborating with clients by asking the right people for the right information


Create Engagements

Avoid admin time by creating new engagements quickly and easily. Add your team, client contacts, and engagement details in a simple user interface or via automated integrations.

Create Request Lists

Instantly request the information you need to organize your engagement. Import request lists from a spreadsheet, another engagement, or an Inflo template.

Prioritize Requests

Ensure clients prioritize critical information. Flag specific individual requests as being high priority requiring prompt attention.

Files & Comments

Achieve complete transparency by gathering all information and communications. Upload files and comments attached to specific information requests.

Add Questionnaires

Create a more engaging collaboration experience for clients. Questionnaires capture key details and can automatically trigger follow up activities.

Receive all the information on time, or proactively manage delays.


Transparent Accountability

Achieve clear communication between engagement teams and clients. Each individual request has a responsible accounting firm and client user.

Status Tracking

Always know the progress of information exchange and deadlines. Requests have individual due-dates and a workflow status to show progress real-time.

Activity Feed

Track activity and actions to be responsive to the latest information. The activity feed keeps you up to date with new developments.

Bulk Updates

Be agile to changes and avoid downtime. Quickly batch reassign requests or update deadlines to adjust your plan.

Status Reports

Stay on the same page with your client. Status reports provide objective analysis of overdue information or key delays in the audit process.

Keep confidential information secure and protected.


Engagement Access

Provide access on a need-to-know basis. Establish your audit and client teams and stop anyone else accessing confidential information.

Restricted Requests

Protect sensitive information and restrict requests. Limit individual information requests to only specific client and engagement team members.

Audit Logs

Track access to information, sources, and editing. Detailed audit logs of all activity and reporting provide a complete audit trail.

Edit Online

Avoid time consuming downloading and uploading of files, or version control issues. Office 365 integrations allow for editing online.

Secure Servers

Secure confidential information with award-winning technology. Store and back up the information critical to your services in Microsoft Azure Cloud.

Know the status of every engagement request real time, anywhere.


Engagement Reporting

Improve efficiency and profitability. Search and filter across the whole engagement. Export reports to highlight overdue information, or evidence delays.

Engagement Dashboards

Instantly chart progress and deadlines. Engagement-level dashboards highlight key workflow and deadline information, with drill-down filters to show relevant requests.

Portfolio Dashboards

Spend your time on the available information. Use portfolio dashboards to monitor all your clients to focus your time on the ones who are ready.

Group Engagements

Centralize information to transform group engagements. Track the status of each component engagement to avoid delays and fragmented information.


Promote your band to your clients and team. Co-brand the platform and email notifications with firm logos to provide a stronger user experience.

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Why Customers Love the Ease and Power of Digital Collaboration

Clients loving collaborating with auditors. For Inflo customers, that’s a reality. But don’t just take our word for it …

BHP implemented Inflo Collaborate in 2016 but back then, it was used with only a small number of clients and a small number of the management team at BHP. In January 2019, all that changed when the decision was made to use Inflo across all audit clients.

Adopting Collaborate has increased transparency for both our audit team and clients. There is now a constant monitor on the progress of the audit, where previously activities may have been lost in emails and various lists passed between the audit team and the client's finance team.

Ellie Dignam

Director, BHP

Digital Collaboration has been great for us With Inflo, we can now monitor workloads, staff capacity and resource.

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Use collaboration software that’s simple to use …and your teams and clients will love.

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