Digital Collaboration

An easier way to collaborate with clients

Inflo Collaborate is a digital collaboration portal allowing accountants to work more flexibly and remotely with their clients. Designed specifically to meet the needs of audit and accounting engagements, Inflo provides a secure approach to gathering documentation/information, file sharing and communication.

Take greater control of your services by enhancing the security, transparency and accountability of your engagement performance and information exchange.

Use accounting specific functionality

Collaborate remotely with colleagues and clients

Share files securely and control versions

Take control of your services

Designed for accounting

Secure collaboration designed specifically for diligent accountants.

  • Tailored functionalityQuickly incorporate collaborative approach to working with clients and delivering your accounting services.  
  • Portfolio visibility. Collate your entire client portfolio in a single view, showing your firm’s workload status and client information received 
  • Group clients. Use advanced functionality to project manage complex group engagements. 
  • Branded experience. Add your logo to the platform and email notifications to provide a branded client experience

Remote collaboration

Work seamlessly with your colleagues and clients.

  • Collated communication. Collate all files and communication to gather information and avoid email. 
  • Edit online. Update files using Microsoft 365 to always work on the latest file.
  • Complete alignment. Ensure your colleagues and client contacts are always on the same page. 
  • Client experience. Avoid miscommunications or duplicated information requests to improve client experience. 

Safe and secure

Securely share files and avoid version control headaches.

  • Ensure confidentiality. Protect client files in a secure environment to meet data protection regulations around the world.
  • Restrict access. Set access rights for users at engagement and file levels to protect information.
  • Audit trails. Review version control and edit history logs to always work on the right information.
  • Risk reduction.  Avoid multiple instances of confidential information being circulated between your teams.

Control your services 

Put your team back in control of your services. 

  • Client readiness. Avoid inefficiencies by anticipating client delays and only working on complete information. 
  • Manage deadlines. Track status real-time to focus your team on meeting deadlines. 
  • Transparent accountability.  Identify information delays to quantify inefficiencies and support scope variations. 
  • Email freedom. Avoid important files being trapped in individual inboxes or forwarded inappropriately

A look into an early adoption of Inflo Collaborate


BHP implemented Inflo Collaborate in 2016 but back then, it was used with only a small number of clients and a small number of the management team at BHP. In January 2019, all that changed when the decision was made to use Inflo across all audit clients.


Adopting Collaborate has increased transparency for both our audit team and clients. There is now a constant monitor on the progress of the audit, where previously activities may have been lost in emails and various lists passed between the audit team and the client's finance team.

Ellie Dignam

Digital and Innovation Lead, BHP

Inflo Collaborate has been great for us, allowing us to monitor workloads, staff capacity and resource.

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