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As a team of qualified accountants with data and software development expertise, we were abundantly aware that manual processes and disparate data constrained the value of accounting. We knew there was a better way. Inflo provides a platform that transforms accounting processes and allows accountants to perform more interesting and valuable work.

Inflo allows accountants to grow their value

Following successful careers at PwC, Mark Edmondson and Graham Clark saw that firms outside the Big Four were unfairly disadvantaged: they couldn’t access modern techniques such as data analytics – and the insights and efficiencies provided. To make progressive digital technologies available to the accounting profession more broadly, Mark and Graham founded Inflo in 2016 and recruited a passionate and high skilled team including Grant Cooper and Tom Gathercole. The team secured their first accounting firm customer in week 2 of the business and the rest is history.

Inflo is an award-winning professionally recognised platform that helps our customers do more with data, automate compliance, work smarter, and grow their value.


How Inflo works

Inflo offers either a fully integrated audit suite or modular products to complement and enhance existing technologies. Inflo consists of 10 Modules within 5 product groups, allowing accountants in practice to work more collaboratively with accountants in business to provide more effective and valuable audit services.

What makes Inflo unique?

Inflo is the world’s only audit platform combining digital collaboration, data acquisition, data analytics, working papers and client reporting. It offers a Digital Audit process which transforms the quality, effectiveness and value of external audit work. Auditors and accountants in practice automate routine tasks, freeing their time to focus on risk and add more value to their clients. Accountants in business experience a more efficient and streamlined approach combined with more valuable outputs from the year end audit.
Here are just a few key features which make Inflo unique:
  • Simple, intuitive and transparent collaboration loved by everyone,
  • Complete compatibility, extracting consistent data from 100% of accounting systems,
  • Expert support with ex-Big 4 data specialists on-hand for complex engagements,
  • Diverse analytical techniques, ranging from simple fluctuation analysis, sophisticated fraud techniques and progressive whole-population revenue examination,
  • Data-driven workflow and documentation, with an in-built, innovative yet compliant audit methodology,
  • Insightful reporting, leveraging visualisation to differentiate audit outputs,
  • World class security, holding ISO 27001 certification, advanced encryption and SSO,
  • Enhanced connectivity, with APIs supporting varied technology integrations,
  • Renowned Customer Success, supporting you every step of the way.

Auditors and accountants in practice are attracting new clients and working more broadly with their existing clients – because they are growing their value with Inflo.

World-class security – as standard

Sophisticated data security is key to building trust in progressive cloud technologies. That’s why Inflo uses Microsoft Azure to store and process financial data. Our multiple system instances around the world provide robust security and ensure the highest levels of diligence – in line with the international and regional regulations.

Inflo puts data protection at the heart of our operations. By holding ISO 27001 certification and abiding by the principles of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Inflo combines advanced security features and functionality, offering a secure environment for collaboration.

Leadership team

Careers at Inflo

The team here at Inflo consists of remarkable people. We’re committed to finding talented, passionate individuals with a sense of urgency to join our mission to transform the audit and accounting profession.

Used by accountants in more than 120 countries, Inflo’s unique approach is embraced by progressive accountants globally. There’s never been a better time to join our team to make your mark on the future of accounting.

We help accountants grow their value – and we’re committed to growing our team’s value too.

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