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Inflo Digital Audit

Introducing the accounting profession’s first data-driven audit platform designed for the modern, digital business world.

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Inflo is award winning

Inflo are proud to have won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation - one of the the most prestigious business awards in the United Kingdom.

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Inflo is changing mindsets

In our conversation series, Inflo CEO Mark Edmondson sat down with Mark Mayberry to talk about changing mindsets by ‘building from the middle’.

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Inflo is reliable

Thousands of accountants rely on accredited Inflo products every day to comply with standards, work smarter and add more value

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Win more work

Attract new clients and work more broadly with existing clients by performing more effective, valuable audit services.

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Data driven workflow

Use data to automate routine tasks, freeing your time for more valuable work using new techniques.

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No data wrangling

Extract data from 100% of accounting systems, so you spend your time analysing not preparing data.

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Applicable to all

Start small or transform your firm in an instant with our flexible solutions and simple pricing packages

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Renowned global support

Whatever support you need on your digital journey, we provide the proactive expertise to achieve success.


About us

As a team of qualified accountants with data and software development expertise, we were abundantly aware that manual processes and disparate data constrained the value of accounting.

We knew there was a better way. Inflo provides a platform that transforms accounting processes and allows accountants to perform more interesting and valuable work.

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Inflo allows auditors to grow their value

Introducing the Inflo Digital Audit

Discover the power of the Inflo Digital Audit

Why Inflo

Transforming the world of accounting

Inflo empowers accounting firms with revolutionary computing intelligence. It extracts data from the accounting system of an organisation, providing accountants with a broad range of financial analysis to interpret.

Fully compatible

Inflo can ingest data from 100% of client accounting systems and be seamlessly integrated with existing methodologies, processes, and software in accounting firms.


Intuitive visualisations

Intuitive dashboards visualise every client transaction, making it easy for you to spot unusual trends that could have slipped under the radar and benchmark clients against their peers.


Real-time insights

Inflo works in real time, which means you can pass insights on to your clients while they’re relevant, not months down the line.

Andrew Moyser

Partner & Head of Audit Innovation, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Inflo allows the audit team to work on projects and to handle multiple clients. It also allows the audit team to be more flexible because we can now put together an audit team anywhere in the world to work on a remote audit. That for me is a game changer.

Learn from accounting thought leaders

Michael Izza

Chief Executive, ICAEW

Technology is going to absolutely transform every one of our member’s lives.

Sue Almond

Global Head of Assurance, Grant Thornton International

The latest technologies will release an accountant’s talent so they’re focusing on what we really want them to focus on.

Gary Boomer

Visionary & Strategist, Boomer Consulting

The disruption of technology is really commoditising some of the audit and tax services.

Lisa Leighton

Joint Managing Partner, BHP

More and more clients are seeing data analytics as a natural piece of an audit.

David Chitty

International Accounting & Audit Director, Crowe Global

The technological change we’re seeing is something we have to embrace because the market has moved on from traditional approaches.

Gareth James

Partner and Head of Audit Analytics, EY

I can see auditors using data analytics and virtual reality technology to power a more immersive experience.

Mark Babington

Deputy Director of Audit Policy, Financial Reporting Council

The business of today and the business of tomorrow is different, auditors need to demonstrate they can respond to that.

Adam Grainger

Chief Information Officer, Baker Tilly International

Thinking your firm will be okay in five years without taking advantage of the latest tech, you’re taking a big risk.

Geoff Woodhouse

Former Partner, Moore Stephens

Technology such as client collaboration has been transformational - everyone can see what everybody else is working on.

You don’t need to be a data expert to use Inflo — everything you need is presented in intuitive dashboards.