Inflo helps accountants provide more valuable services to their clients. Inflo specialises in the secure transfer of financial data from ANY client accounting system. Inflo then automatically performs processes which are currently performed manually and uses innovative data analytical techniques to perform work in new and more powerful ways.

Our Products

Our modular approach allows you to combine Inflo products to design the service your client needs. Aggregating our core applications provides you with unique end-to-end support.
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Request & Share

Applicable services: All

Make information delays a distant memory. Extract data directly from client finance systems and receive information from clients simply and securely. Learn More



Applicable services: All

Compare balances, visualise trends and drill down into any account balance to interrogate transactions and perform more granular risk assessment. Learn More

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Verify & Review

Applicable services: Audit

Remove manual processes and data entry. Automate testing routines and select transactions for follow up in line with methodologies every time. Learn More

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Interrogate & Evaluate

Applicable services: Audit, Consulting, Forensics

Find the needles in the haystack. Identify transactions posing risk of fraud or error from complete data sets. Highlight areas to add value to clients. Learn More

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Focus & Assure

Applicable services: Audit, Consulting, Forensics, Tax

Dive into key business cycles. Trace accounting entries from source to destination using powerful data analytics. Deliver a new kind of assurance. Learn More

The Benefits

  • Replace manual process with software. Work flexibly on any device, anywhere. Execute your portfolio of work in the most efficient way imaginable.

  • Ensure compliance every time with automated routines, allowing your team to share knowledge and experience to add more value to your clients.

  • Provide a totally new experience to your clients and staff, enhancing collaboration and client perspectives of your firm and services.

  • Boost your profitability, using innovative offerings to win new clients and increase fee income from existing clients. All delivered from the existing team.

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