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Inflo offers an award winning range of software services that allow accounting firms to use client data to perform engagements from start to finish, produce insights and present essential information that adds real value to your clients.

Benefits of inflo

  • Inflo moves compliance work from being a regulatory requirement to being a valuable partnership between you and your clients. Making the engagement process smoother and easier to manage, there is more time to discuss the more detailed findings that Inflo produces. This is where the real value of compliance work lies.

  • Inflo provides analysis and benchmarking information previously not possible. This adds value to your work as you are not only identifying potential areas for improvement, but can also provide solutions at the same time.

  • The Inflo system automatically generates compliant documentation saving you time and effort, whilst ensuring that consistently high standards are achieved in line with regulatory requirements

  • The Inflo business strategy and service offering has been developed by accountancy experts who not only understand, but have spent their entire careers working in accountancy. We appreciate that working closely with our partner firms is vital.

  • Whether it’s support needed from our Account Management team or additional products and functionality, we have the right people in place to help. Our in-house development team ensures that we are responsive to the ever-changing needs of the profession.

  • We have good and open relationships with regulators and professional bodies, keeping us ahead of the game when it comes to changes in the profession. Inflo’s proactive approach ensures these regulatory changes and focus areas are automatically integrated into your working practices.

  • We make data gathering easy by making it as automated as possible for both you and your client. We aren’t limited to particular systems. In fact – we have successfully extracted data from 100% of the client systems we have been asked to.

  • We can get you using the system within minutes of signing up. Inflo is intuitive and easy to use – we have spent a lot of time developing the user interface to give you maximum output for minimum input. Most of our partner firms conduct no formal training!

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Request & Share

Make information delays a distant memory. Extract data directly from client finance systems and receive information from clients simply and securely. Learn More

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Assess & Scope

Compare balances, visualise trends and drill down into any account balance to interrogate transactions and perform more granular risk assessment. Learn More

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Verify & Review

Remove manual processes and data entry. Automate testing routines and select transactions for follow up in line with your methodologies. Learn More

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Interrogate & Evaluate

Find the needles in the haystack. Identify transactions posing risk of fraud or error from complete data sets. Highlight areas to add value to clients. Learn More

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Focus & Assure

Dive into key business cycles. Trace accounting entries from source to destination using powerful data analytics. Deliver a new kind of assurance. Learn More

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Access benchmarked metrics, statistics and KPIs across a range of business cycles. Differentiate your client outputs and improve client goodwill. Learn More

“Inflo has been very helpful in audit proposals, complementing our existing strengths with a technology edge. We have been on a run of new client wins.” – Mark Brunton, Partner (Tait Walker)