Confidential & secure

The data you share with your accountant through Inflo is stored in an encrypted format. You control who has access to your financial information, and you have the peace of mind that comes with always knowing where it’s stored.


When your accountant uses Inflo, providing them with a single data set replaces running a long list of reports. You spend up to 30% less time preparing information for your advisor.

Inflo lets your advisor work smarter too, as they can use the data you upload to Inflo to perform more of their work off-site throughout the year. This means your finance team won’t have to spend time explaining your business and providing your accountant with information for routine items. And the time your advisor spends on-site is focussed on the key areas that will add value to your business.


Chasing status updates or progress reports can be frustrating. Inflo provides you with a transparent approach to project management, so you can see the status of a project in real-time on any device.


In the digital world, running reports and printing documents feels archaic and wastes time. Inflo transports your firm into the digital age: you can access it from any device, anywhere and use it to seamlessly, safely, and securely transfer digital files.  

Valued insights

Whether it’s the individual transaction by-passing controls, the inefficient process embedded in your systems or how your KPIs compare to everyone in your industry, Inflo advisors always have a different and valuable perspective to share with you.

Proactive partner

Inflo empowers your advisors to do more than the annual compliance work. Now you can gain assurance over the quarterly or monthly numbers that form the basis of the key decisions in your business, or you can see how you are trending against industry peers to provide more context on your performance.

Inflo helps accountants adjust their focus from analysing the past to planning for the future.

If your accountant isn’t already using Inflo, let them know how our revolutionary technology could help transform your relationship today.