To stay ahead of the digital revolution, accounting firms need to embrace cutting-edge techniques and navigate new ways of adding value to their clients.

That’s where Inflo comes in.

Our aim is simple: to maintain the relevance and respectability of accounting in the digital age. We’re a high-growth technology business, but we’re not here to disrupt the accounting profession.

Our software is unrivalled. It instantly transforms accounting firms from being bogged-down in compliance work to becoming proactive, real-time business advisors.

How Inflo can transform your firm

Inflo gives you access to granular, consistent, and reliable data from every one of your clients. This gives accounting firms the transactional detail they need to perform their existing services in new ways and unlock new service offerings.

Inflo puts the power of emerging technologies at your fingertips. It was created by reverse-engineering common accounting services such as audit or due diligence, ensuring our software’s suite of analysis strongly aligns with established methodologies or outputs.

Inflo automates hours of work accounting firms currently perform manually, freeing your time up for more valuable, client-focused activities.

Our Hybrid Intelligence functionality also puts robotic process automation, process mining, machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques at your fingertips. You can use this cutting-edge computing capability to augment your firm’s existing expertise.

Through intuitive dashboards that provide continuous insights, Inflo lets you dive deep into data you can’t get your hands on anywhere else. You can instantly spot notable transactions and compare them to industry benchmarks, meaning you can show your clients how they stack up against the best-in-class.