Inflo helps accounting firms deliver assurance, tax, and advisory engagements while also identifying opportunities to provide more value to clients through additional services.

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Discover how Inflo can help you take your assurance work to the next level

Inflo’s full suite of collaboration, data ingestion and data analytics features transform the efficiency, quality and value of audit services.

Common use-cases include management override of control testing, preliminary analytical review and audit sampling.

Data analytics features provide flexibility in delivering review and agreed-upon procedure engagements.

Common use-cases include analytical review.

Data ingestion features significantly reduce the level of data entry involved in financial statement preparation and compilation.

Common use-cases include data integration.



See how Inflo brings automation to taxation services

Data ingestion features significantly reduce the level of data entry involved in corporate tax compliance with data analytics providing the ability to quickly analyse transactional activity.

Common use-cases include data integration and breakdown analysis.

Inflo’s data ingestion capabilities provide the ability to aggregate transactional data from multiple accounting systems to provide the data needed to support transfer pricing engagements.

Common use-cases include data aggregation.



Understand how Inflo elevates advisory services

Data analytics features complement core outsourcing services, such as client accounting services, providing additional outputs to enhance management information.

Common use-cases include KPI benchmarking.

Data analytics features support a range of internal auditing techniques to support the monitoring of risk and performance of outsourced internal audit services.

Common use-cases include fraud detection, process monitoring and audit sampling.

Data analytics features offer timely review of transactions for fraud risk characteristics to provide prevention controls or aid the identification or quantification of loss.

Common use-cases include fraud detection and process monitoring.

Data analytics features aid the scoping of due diligence engagements, instantly identifying the areas of valuation risk.

Common use-cases include financial information preparation and quality of earnings analysis.

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