Technology + culture = remote working success

In his blog our CEO shares personal insights from a career in accounting and tech

When I founded Inflo, never did I imagine I’d be talking about the health benefits of our software. But we live in unpredictable times.

The Coronavirus pandemic has moved remote working from being a staff perk to a business-critical requirement. But for professional services firms the good news is that most work can be performed remotely.

Since day one our business has promoted flexible working. Work whenever and wherever you want to, simply deliver what our business needs and exceed our customer’s expectations. So, the switch to remote working has required minimal effort.

Technologies like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and SharePoint are key communication methods at Inflo. Such tools, or comparable solutions, are critical to any business breaking the obsession with email – a communication method I hate.

Most firms will have technologies in these areas, supporting internal operations. But it remains surprising to me how many firms still do not have a secure and structured method of collaborating with their clients to perform services remotely.

From multiple customer conversations this week I’ve heard how our technology is making an even bigger impact on their business in this challenging time. At the simplest level their teams are remotely delivering services through access to client files and online discussions. The transparency and accountability functionality is also proving important to ensuring clients can see work progressing when teams are not physically onsite.

And the access to client data and analytics visualisations is further helping their teams answer their own questions and minimise the client interactions needed.

But while technologies are key, culture is even more important to making remote working successful. Do you trust your teams to deliver? Are your employees engaged? Are ownership and accountability important values? What is the tone from the top?

It can be the little things that matter. The benefit of video calls is lost as soon as one camera isn’t on (often also a sign someone is multi-tasking and not paying full attention). We’ve also found adding status information to instant messenger is helpful so colleagues around the world know when we are and aren’t online, protecting the work life delineation. Simple behaviours – but with a far greater impact.

Remote working won’t be an instant success for everyone. Having the right technologies will get you halfway there. Having the right culture will complete the picture.

If we can support your business during this challenging time, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our collaboration capabilities start from free. One of our customers has 10 staff but uses Inflo to collaborate with all their client contacts. Rachel wrote a great working from home blog this week here.


Mark Edmondson

Inflo President & CEO