Support over sales – striking a balance in challenging times

In his blog our CEO shares personal insights from a career in accounting and tech

Like I expect many of you, I’ve had a lot of emails this week from CEOs explaining how their business is dealing with the impact of Coronavirus. 

In times of great strain humans and organizations all react differently. Some quite understandably feel under incredible pressure and quickly revert to desperate tactics. We likely all cringed this week seeing something land in our inbox or social feed which made us feel uncomfortable with the messaging. 

As a brand it’s hard to shake that sentiment in the longer term if you seek to take advantage of people’s shortterm needs. 

Right now, our focus as a business is on support not sales. Firstly, for our own team. That they first prioritise themselves and their loved ones to stay safe and care for the sick and vulnerable. Then we support our customers and the broader profession which we believe is vital to helping a business community in turmoil. 

We will not be opportunistic. That’s why this week we agreed to drop our pricing for new firms to an alltime low. We must help others get access to the support they need. 

As a technology company who help accountants perform their services digitally, and thus more flexibly and remotely, it can feel very difficult to strike the right balance in communication.  

We have an important solution people need immediately. More importantly, we’re renowned for our support. But we will never be opportunistic. 

For 4 years now we’ve been advocating flexible working from anywhere on any device.  

This week I have invested many hours working with peers trying to support them. To help solve a critical business challenge – how can accounting firms remain productive, continuing to deliver important audit, tax and advisory services when their employees are not in the office? 

Client collaboration has been the greatest focus – being able to access information from clients in a streamlined way to remain productive. With no on-site client working in many territories, sharing files across the engagement team and client team has become vital. 

The lack of on-site time has also limited access to client systems to extract information and access to client staff to answer questions. Inflo’s ability to extract data from any accounting system and produce standardized visualizations solves both challenges. Teams have remote system access and can answer a lot of their own questions. 

We covered these topics and more in our 10 best practices for valuable audit planning in September (linked here) and in our 10 Top Tips for Effective Audit Execution in December (linked here).  

In simple terms, the team can stay productive. Leaders have more time to support clients and provide the advice they need from their accountants.  

We’d love to do more, so if you need help or you know others who do our team are here 

We just might have a son or daughter running around in the background joining our call 


Mark Edmondson

Inflo President & CEO