Start using Inflo today to transform the way you plan audits

You’ve heard about the added value you can deliver to your clients through the audit planning phase with the latest technology.

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Watch the video above to discover:

  • How to get access to Inflo,
  • How to create a demo engagement to explore Inflo’s outputs,
  • How to invite colleagues in your firm to Inflo,
  • The key areas of planning accounting firms use Inflo to deliver more valuable engagements, including
  • And finally, how to use Inflo on your first live client engagement.

Just to recap, here’s the value you can create through our free-to-use platform.

In our planning guide, we shared the ten simple changes you can make to the audit planning process that will help deliver more valuable outputs to your clients in less time.

Using these tips, you can transform your entire audit from the ground up to add significantly more value to your clients.

And Inflo allows you to implement them quickly, easily, and for free.

(If you haven’t read the guide already, you can download it here).

We also walked you through how some of the brightest minds in accounting see the future of planning in audit.

We also took a deep dive into how you can use preliminary analytics to transform the value of your audit services. This revealed how exploring data and visualizations allows for a better understanding of your clients, highlighting unusual trends and relationships and easily uncovering the areas the audit approach should focus on.

And the video above reveals how to get started with Inflo and begin using it to transform the way you plan audits today.

Watch the video above, and sign up to Inflo for free.