Remote working – supporting mental health in challenging times with kindness

The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.   – Aesop

This week is mental health awareness week and this year’s theme on kindness.

Mental health and wellbeing can have a significant impact on your performance and on your home life. Our HR Manager, Lyndsey Pitt, gives her top tips on how simple acts of kindness stir wellbeing, buffer our mood and strengthen our relationships when remote working.  Positive health and wellbeing will lead to a better quality of life while working and at home.

There are many different types of kindness, in the workplace we can often lose sight as we focus on work, however, remembering to be kind to our colleagues, especially when working virtually with each other is an essential part of growing for the employee and the company.

Top Tips for positive mental health when remote working:

  • Keep a diary of accomplishments, queries, or issues to be resolved.
  • Be flexible – your role may have been impacted by the current situation, or the roles of those around you, take this as an opportunity to show how you can adapt to change, roles will likely morph again in the future.
  • Take breaks – In an office space you are encouraged to take a break, grab a drink, move away from your computer for a few minutes. It’s the same at home, you need to ensure you take care of your physical and mental health.
  • Switch off – it’s tempting when working at home to make yourself constantly available, however everyone needs time to relax and , have contact time with family, or friends.  Just be open with your communication about your availability.
  • Talk to family and friends – starting a new job or working from home can create stress, you don’t have to handle this alone, talk to friends and family about your concerns, contact your people manager and discuss how you are feeling,
  • Social connections – join informal catch ups – we created a virtual pub every Friday, in different time zones so we can all virtually be together – quizzes have been great for making sure we are all involved.
  • Pass on kind messages to colleagues, let them know you appreciate them and their work
  • Focus on positives, it’s easy to be irritated when something isn’t going right but we need to find a balance by thinking of the thing’s others have done that we appreciate.
  • Say Thank you, it’s easy to forget small courtesy when you aren’t next to the person you are talking to, but it can let the person know you appreciate their work and attention and create stronger working connections


We can spend nearly as much time working as we do in our personal lives. While it is easy to focus on the negatives; it can help lift the mood and create a more positive working environment by focusing on the positives.  When working remotely we may feel we are alone , but reaching out to colleagues can reassure us all that we are all in this together and are working together to create a nicer working environment and even nicer life.

For more information see Kindness Matters – Mental Health Foundation – Mental Health Awareness Week 2020