Plan Your Execution. Execute Your Plan.

At the end of an audit engagement your client should be satisfied your audit has delivered the value they desired against the fee you charged. You and your team should be satisfied you have planned and executed a successful engagement. But how you can make the next audit even better.

In busy periods, effective audit execution is critical to client satisfaction, profitability and team morale. Challenges in delivering just one engagement can have a domino effect.

To support audit teams, we have created our guide to the Top 10 Tips for Effective Audit Execution. The guide has been written for auditors striving to improve – for those not satisfied with SALY (same-as-last-year). We cover areas such as flexible working, engagement management, revenue approach and client reporting.

Your team can spend less time performing low-value activities such as chasing client information or manipulating and re-keying data. They instead spend more time doing interesting work, challenging the client and preparing valuable analysis in client reports you are proud to present.

Happier teams. Happier clients. A desire to work together more frequently on a broader range of services.

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