Inflo’s biggest ever update release.

Now more than ever, accounting firms need technology partners who have their back.

Relentless in our efforts to grow the value of accounting firms, our April 2020 release is our biggest ever.

If you thought Inflo was for audit, think again. Firms can now use Inflo to Collaborate with corporate and personal clients to deliver ANY client engagement.

And if you’re using financial information in a service Inflo provides an unrivalled ability to automate processes and grow the value of your services.

The new Inflo provides a single way for all your clients to work with you. A new, digital approach your firm can instantly implement to thrive in a new, digital world.

Key highlights of the April Release

  • Enhanced client collaboration
  • A new Inflo Module – Inflo Reports
  • New, advanced visualizations
  • New tax and advisory capabilities
  • Data ingestion enhancements to beat batch journals

Inflo Collaborate

Our new user interface makes it even easier to see the status of an engagement real-time, on any device. You can now also bring assurance, tax and advisory services together to deliver a seamless client experience and align teams.

Inflo Reports – A New Module

Creating value-add reports for your clients couldn’t be easier with the addition of Inflo Reports. Generate impressive Microsoft PowerPoint reports, including visualisations and commentary, tailored to your client in minutes.

New Advanced Visualizations

Visualizations are key to drawing insights out of data. Updates to our exploratory analytics help advisors quickly find the transactions that matter through a range of new advanced visualisations.

New Tax & Advisory Capabilities

Transform the efficiency of corporate tax engagements and other non-audit services through new Inflo functionality.  Updates also support the scoping of existing advisory services or creation of new advisory services.

Beating Batch Journals

Quality issues in certain data sets, such as batching of journals, have long been a thorn in the side of analytics experts. Inflo’s data scientists tackle the issue head on with a new suite of data cleansing options to beat batch journals and other data quality challenges.


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