Inflo Innovators’ Circle

Shape the future of auditing

At Inflo, everything we do is with our customers in mind. Your feedback and suggestions have been critical elements of our innovation over the past four years, and now we’re taking your involvement one step further.

Not everyone can be first – and not everyone wants to be. But if you want to be in the vanguard and help lead the auditing profession into its digital future, then the Inflo Innovators’ Circle is for you.

What is the Inflo Innovators’ Circle?

The Inflo Innovators’ Circle is an opportunity for select customers to gain exclusive, early access to our new Digital Audit solution, before it’s publicly available. You’ll help us refine and optimise it, so it’s been fine-tuned to meet the real-world demands of modern auditing before its general release in 2021.

Our Innovators’ Circle programme will run from December 2020 to April 2021, and during this time you’ll be among the first in the profession to experience what end-to-end digital service delivery can feel like.

How do I know if this is right for me?

You should consider joining the Innovators’ Circle if:
You’re curious about technology and passionate about innovation in the accounting profession.
You’re excited about the opportunity to learn from a community of like-minded, forward-thinking accountants from across the globe – sharing challenges, solutions, and ideas for getting the best out of technology.
You’re keen to receive exclusive training and support materials to enhance your use of the Inflo platform.

What will I need to do?

As a member of the Innovators’ Circle, we’ll ask you to give us:
Your feedback – we’ll be reaching out regularly to members of the Innovators’ Circle to gather your feedback and experiences using the new features of the Inflo platform.
Your time – but not too much of it; the programme has been designed to minimise interference with your diary. You’ll need to be available to join scheduled community events, but we expect the total commitment across the programme to be around one hour a week.
Your passion – a big part of Inflo’s success has been our customers’ enthusiasm for innovation in our profession, and that passion will be vital as we define the digital future of auditing together.

Expressions of interest have now closed. For more information about The Innovators’ Circle or The Complete Digital Audit, please contact us.