How to Master Remote Auditing – Client Deliverables

When delivering audit services remotely, the outputs of the audit process are of vital importance to articulate the work performed and demonstrate the value of the audit to the client.

Traditional outputs, such as PDF reports, can be enhanced through incorporating visualisations. This offers you an  opportunity to tell the story of how the audit has been performed.

Advancements in technology also allow for new outputs and interactions to be possible. You can share Dynamic Dashboards with clients, where the results of data analytical analysis are presented in a client view for them to analyze.

Often the insights possible from data analytics go beyond the scope of a traditional audit.

This presents an opportunity to incorporate high-level findings within audit outputs and delve deeper should clients express further interest.

Where appropriate, this can lead to additional non-audit services to more deeply analyse an area, for example to provide advice around a client’s operations

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