Examples for performing more valuable audit planning

Accounting firms embracing new technologies are achieving quick successes, adding more value to their clients from traditional accounting services such as audit.  

Here we’ll explain how you can too.  

Watch these four short videos to discover:  

  • How to get access to Inflo, 
  • How to create a demo client to explore Inflo’s outputs,and 
  • Examples of how accounting firms use Inflo to plan more valuable audits. 

These step-by-step instructional videos will walk you through how to set up an Inflo account and start using it to deliver more value to your clients today.

How to get access to Inflo [1 minute]

How to create  a demo client  to explore Inflo’s outputs [2 minutes]

How to use Inflo to plan more valuable audits [6 minutes]

How to create and manage tailored information requests within Inflo [6 minutes]

Find out more about the future of accounting

The world of audit and accounting is changing. Some of the most prominent thought leaders in the profession have shared their views regarding technology and innovation in our video. 

Our example video demonstrations bring to life a selection of the top ten areas to enhance planning processes to drive client valueWe share how activities such as how preliminary analytical review can dramatically advance audit activities, building on our worked exampleYou can download our Valuable Audit Planning guide here.  

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