Digitising Services in an SMP – Global SMP Webinar event hosted by ICAI – Edinburgh Group

Our CEO Mark Edmondson recently gave his views on Digitising Services in an SMP at the Global SMP Webinar event hosted by ICAIEdinburgh Group.

Mark shared practical insights and idea on how SMP’s can turn research and key themes on SMP development into an action plan to become a firm which can offer digital services in a cost-efficient way to clients.

We are consistently hearing the challenges facing SMPs globally are across four key themes: digital service delivery, productivity, quality, and people.

Digitisation can help enhance, elevate, and transform the services firms deliver.  Process mapping can assist in defining a service or project in simple terms and identify ways in which digitisation can assist and streamline the process to improve and deliver an effective and efficient process.

The key takeaway Mark advised is starting with small steps and moving quickly through those steps to make this an easier journey to tackle a develop your ways of working with the support of technology.

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