Audit Execution Top Tips – Technology Integrations

Rarely do accounting firms employ only a single technology for the delivery of services to clients. The existence of disparate, disconnected tools creates inefficiencies and more broadly causes a lack of confidence in data used to perform different accounting services.

Access to structured data underlying an organisation’s financial statements changes this dynamic. You can map the data journey, from the client accounting system through to each technology within the accounting firm. Each service’s technology can be provided the right data in the required format, with any adjustments captured throughout the life cycle to guarantee accuracy.

Such an approach also improves client experience, presenting a collaborative approach across the different departments performing compliance and advisory services. Other integrations to manage
users, client metadata and engagement details establish efficient new processes and improve your staff’s experience.

With manual effort removed from areas of administration and data entry your teams have greater capacity to identify and deliver valuable services.








See more: Inflo standardises client data from any accounting system into a common data model format, with API integrations available to automate the transfer of data between firm tools.

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