Audit Execution Top Tips – Client Reporting

There are limited opportunities for you to deliver tangible outputs from audit services. Beyond meeting formal reporting requirements, client reports offer the ability for you to articulate the work being performed and the value of the audit to clients.

Traditional outputs can be enhanced through incorporating visualisations within reports, offering you an opportunity to tell the story of how the audit has been performed. This commonly opens
dialogue with clients regarding business and financial risks, control observations and findings from testing.

Advancements in technology allow for new outputs and interactions to be possible. You can share Dynamic Dashboards with clients, where the results of data analytics are presented in a client view. Beyond simply publishing dashboards to client contacts for their independent review, you can add further value through commentary or presentation.

Moving on from retrospective analysis, greater focus can be given to the future and how management and those charged with governance monitor and mitigate ongoing risks. Benchmarking analysis also allows you to provide a unique perspective on the organisation, moving to a broader evaluation against relevant peers.









See more: Inflo’s Dynamic Dashboards can be published to clients with commentary added by you, representing new value-adding outputs from the audit process.

Inflo Demonstration 

Download: Client Reporting Example (including MS Word template)

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