Are you ready for a Digital Audit?

The digital audit is transformational. It’s a new way of thinking about the value of the audit. It’s a new way of conducting the audit. It involves rethinking how and why your firm provides audit services, and it enables an entirely new service experience and level of value for your audit clients as well as your staff.

A phased approach

Most accounting firms are not ready for profound digital transformation across the entire business. Gaps in the digitisation of data and between systems and processes are too much to overcome in a single stroke, and decades of commoditisation and compliance mindsets will take time to change.

Firms will typically progress through these phases of digital adoption:

A digital transformation must be done in a strategic and prioritised way, with present and future shifts in mind. The customer and the customer experience are key factors, but components such as staff satisfaction and owner value/business outcomes must also be factored in. And the human element is key to all levels of digital transformation, from goal setting to key components such as collaboration, systems, skills, culture, empowerment.

This transformation will not happen overnight and will not be achieved as a single stand-alone project. It will require a series of incremental steps. What’s critical, however, is that firms begin – find practical, tangibles ways to get started.

Begin your journey now…

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Learn how to get started with our series of Digital Audit guides, starting with Introducing the Digital Audit. This guide is a must-have for any firm expecting to remain competitive and relevant in the accounting profession. We’ll walk you through a new way of thinking about the value of the audit and a new way of conducting the audit, putting you on a path to true digital transformation.