A time for smarter engagements

We recently caught up with Alida Mitchell, Audit and Assurance Partner at Baker Tilly Nova Scotia, a part of the Baker Tilly Canada network, to get some insights into their experience of using Inflo and how its adoption has impacted their engagements.

Bring in Inflo Collaborate

Inflo Collaborate quickly became an integral part of client services delivery for Baker Tilly Nova Scotia over the last year. Inflo Collaborate supports secure file collaboration and effective workflow management with clients.

When lockdown began in 2020, Baker Tilly Nova Scotia were forced to find a way of securely sharing large volumes of information between themselves and the client in order to meet reporting deadlines. They needed to find a solution that was user friendly and able to assist remote teams in effectively and efficiently manage the flow of information.

Seamless user experience

It was evident that even the most basic IT user was able to seamlessly use the Inflo platform. And that was after a 10-minute training call with the team and almost no support after that.

Baker Tilly Nova Scotia were able to upload information request lists directly into Inflo, which then generated an individual request for each item on the list which could then be assigned to the respective client contact responsible for that line item.

“The biggest surprise was the impact Inflo had on my clients. All my clients provided great feedback about the Inflo platform, and many commented on the noticeable time savings they achieved.”

With Inflo Collaborate, both the client and the audit team now have a real-time picture of what information has been received and what is still outstanding. This is a really big advantage for Baker Tilly Nova Scotia because they no longer spend countless hours trying to determine what information is still outstanding, providing that much needed transparency for both Baker Tilly Nova Scotia and the client.

“For the first time, I really noticed a difference in the work in progress (WIP) at end of each audit engagement.”

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