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Everything you need to know about auto-renewal, cancellation, pricing, and other terms

Pricing and other terms
Promotional pricing and free trials cannot be combined with other offers. Any promotional offers are available for a limited time only. Pricing, terms, features and support are subject to change by Inflo at any time.

Free trial terms
During the free trial you will be provided with the opportunity to use all Inflo functionality on a maximum of 10 Inflo Rooms.

You are not eligible for a free trial if you or a colleague in your firm have previously accessed a free trial, or have elected to buy a paid subscription. If you elect to buy a subscription during the trial period your free trial will end.

Free trials are only available to accounting firms and Inflo reserves the right to decline any free trial request.

Your Inflo subscription will automatically renew. You will automatically be invoiced the fee for our entry-level monthly subscription on a recurring basis until you cancel your Inflo subscription.

To cancel auto-renewal, you must provide 3-day’s notice. To cancel your Inflo subscription post auto-renewal, you must provide 30 days’ notice. You can do so by contacting If you cancel your Inflo subscription, you will still be charged for the notice period.

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