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Automated Sampling & Testing Automated Sampling & Testing

Auditors rely on techniques such as sampling to gain assurance over financial statements. Calculating and selecting samples is highly manual and time consuming. Automating the end-to-end process saves time and enhances quality.

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Automated Workpaper Generation Automated Workpaper Generation

Inflo automates working paper generation, so you can easily translate your analysis into documentation ready for your files

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Business Process Mining Business Process Mining

Inflo's unique visualisations are easy to interpret, allowing you to quickly analyze relationships to understand the core processes of your clients

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Continuous Auditing & Compliance Continuous Auditing & Compliance

Inflo allows you to effectively deliver auditing and compliance services throughout the year, maximising the value you provide to organisations

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Data Ingestion Data Ingestion

No matter which accounting system an organisation uses, Inflo can ingest, validate and standardise their transactional detail

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Fraud Detection Fraud Detection

Inflo's advanced capabilities analyse every accounting transaction to identify entries posing a heightened risk of error and potential fraud

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KPI Calculation & Benchmarking KPI Calculation & Benchmarking

Compare your client's KPIs to a broad population of peers

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Performance Analysis Performance Analysis

Inflo's powerful visualisations allow you unrivalled insight into your client's financial data

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Prepared-By-Client Templates Prepared-By-Client Templates

Eliminating the iterative cycle of requesting and receiving the right information

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Project Management Project Management

Inflo’s workflow management tool streamlines the iterative transaction of information between clients and accountants to create a smoother, more effective engagement

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Secure Collaboration Secure Collaboration

Inflo’s intuitive file sharing process allows you and your clients to share information simply and securely

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