A safe and secure platform

Email is an ineffective and unsecure way to share confidential financial data with clients, but all too often it is still relied on. Inflo moves all information exchange and communication to a safe and secure platform.

Guaranteed confidentiality

It has never been more important to ensure that information received from, or shared with, clients remains confidential. Collaborating through Inflo allows you and your clients to safely exchange information and communicate with peace of mind.

Structure and workflow

Unlike other file-sharing systems Inflo has been tailored to meet the specific needs of accounting engagements. The diligent structure through PBC templates, inbuilt workflow and status monitoring offers transformational project management.

No more email chasing

Inflo gives you access to client files anywhere on any device through the cloud. Your clients can add comments, upload files or even use mobile devices to work with your team. Scouring through emails to try and find a document is a thing of the past — instead, navigate straight to the information you need in Inflo’s secure file-sharing portal.

"The team at Inflo have provided us with very hands on support, helping our team understand how they can best use the software and minimise implementation disruption."

Christine Wilson, Partner, Moore & Smalley

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