Review your first client - Inflo (Demo) Limited

You join the engagement team working with Inflo (Demo) Limited. Client collaboration is in progress, their finance team have uploaded their accounting data, the analytics dashboards are now ready from your interpretation. Jump from the main dashboard by clicking on the client name and navigating to the analytics tab to review the results.

Create an engagement

Creating your first real engagement couldn’t be easier. Click the green “+ New Engagement” on the main dashboard and complete the form. Add your client’s email to collaborate with them – and don’t forget to invite your colleagues to join the team. Your first real client will now be on your dashboard.

Request client files

Inflo provides a streamlined way to collaborate with your clients sharing files and information. You’ll probably have a list of the information to request from your client, maybe something you’ve used with them before.

On the main dashboard, click your client’s name and in the Planning, Fieldwork or Completion tabs click “Add Requests”. Select “Import from spreadsheet” to upload your own list or click “HI” to check out InfloHI’s suggestion. Set up in minutes. No more tracking and chasing information.

Request client data

Importing data into Inflo unlocks a new way of working. And we can get 100% transactional data from 100% of accounting systems your clients use. The optimum approach is by requesting data from clients – leaving you to sit back and wait for the insights to arrive.

Watch this video to see how easy data ingestion is in Inflo. No more tedious data manipulation.

Upload client data

If you already have your client’s data, or you’re using an old data set to get familiar with Inflo, you can upload the data yourself without involving your client. Simply follow the steps included in the above video. You can exclude your client by deselecting “Invite Client Team” in the “Set Details” section of the data Wizard tax.

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