Easily manage a portfolio of engagements

Keeping track of the status of information being shared during engagements is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Managing a portfolio of engagements compounds this problem. Inflo transforms this process, allowing both firm and client users to monitor the status of information requests in real time and in one central location.

Visibility over inefficiencies

Delays and inefficiencies can easily be identified as they occur. Inflo’s interactive dashboards and summary reports allow for timely communication with clients regarding overrun situations.

Deadline management and work allocation

Each user can see items that are outstanding from their individual dashboard and filter these by assignee, status, or due date to prioritize tasks. In larger finance teams or group engagements, management can oversee how their team is progressing and quickly pinpoint and resolve delays.

Capturing client knowledge

A full record is retained in the Inflo system, demonstrating the information provided to satisfy requests. This aids efficiency in future years by rolling forward this client knowledge, making team continuity less critical.

"Inflo allows our teams to work in new ways and provide a more collaborative experience to our clients. We already have new clients from organisations seeking advisors using Inflo and we are excited to be able to augment the expertise in our team with data analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities."

Geoff Woodhouse, Head of Audit, Moore Stephens

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