A standardized, scalable and repeatable approach

Creating Prepared-by-Client (PBC) lists tailored to your client and their industry can be time-consuming. Inflo consolidates this process, providing you with a standardized, scalable and repeatable approach.

A detailed library of PBC requests

Inflo automates this process by accessing a library of potential PBC requests. Based on research by domain experts, Inflo then matches the engagement circumstances to pre-built PBC requests to populate a tailored listing for your review.

Remove duplicated requests and efforts

This also avoids duplication by consolidating requests from multiple service lines and removing requests for information which can instead be extracted through Inflo’s Data Ingestion process, minimizing the time it takes clients to run system reports.

Build or copy your own templates

It’s easy to create and copy bespoke templates so you can manage consistency of approach across your client portfolio. You can also create your own bespoke templates for a broad range of engagements, and roll-forward functionality means time invested in tailoring has a multi-year and multi-client pay off.

Intelligent evolution

InfloHI monitors the amendments users make away from PBC suggestions, continually refining the process to minimize tailored requirements.

"Inflo has been very helpful in audit proposals, complementing our existing strengths with a technology edge. We have been on a run of new client wins."

Mark Brunton, Partner, Tait Walker

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