An automated approach to producing ratio analysis

Ratios, KPIs and statistics are a fundamental element of many accounting services. But not only is calculating them time consuming, guaranteeing accuracy and consistency is laborious. Inflo embeds a disciplined, automated approach to producing ratio analysis, aiding in comparability and reliability.

All the common ratios, plus those unique to Inflo

As well as calculating common ratios like receivable days across categories such as liquidity and profitability, Inflo computes deep-dive KPIs across business processes including expenses, treasury and payroll. This provides a range of statistics only available in Inflo.

Industry tailored outputs

Different industries or client sectors focus on different KPIs. Inflo uses client characteristics to present a tailored list of KPIs.

The bigger picture

Calculating KPIs and trends in performance internally is imminently achievable for any organization. However, using Inflo allows accounting firms to provide an unrivalled external evaluation of performance.

Benchmark groupings

Inflo uses a blend of reliable data sources to provide you with deep and meaningful statistics from comparable peers. You can also filter peers based on characteristics such as industry or organization type.

"MHA MacIntyre Hudson recognise we are heading towards a seismic change in the profession which will see a number of accounting firms surrender their audit status as they battle to compete with increased costs and higher quality auditing. Working with data analytics software is essential for an audit firm and we are extremely pleased to be working with Inflo. Inflo has had a real impact on our audit quality and the insight that it provides has enhanced relationships with clients."

Andrew Moyser, Partner, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

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