Quickly find the notable transactions

In the modern business world, even small and medium sized enterprises often have hundreds-of-thousands or millions of transactions underpinning their financial statements. Inflo is critical to quickly finding the notable transactions in such large populations.

No scripting skills necessary

Writing complex scripts to identify transactions involves a lot of skill. Inflo removes the need for these skills, automatically running a suite of routines to identify and then visualize the notable transactions. Custom routines can also be designed through a simple user interface.

Not just the common tests

Identifying transactions for round amounts, or those posted on weekends isn’t groundbreaking, but it’s frustrating to do manually. However, we go further, identifying strange user behaviors, accounting combinations, and related party keywords. Inflo provides a suite of routines which helps you hone in on the truly risky transactions.

Multi-dimensional risk scoring

You don’t just want to find items which display one characteristic of potential fraud — you want to find those that show multiple characteristics. Our unique multi-dimensional risk scoring approach disperses a complete population, instantly highlighting the transactions posing the greatest risk.

Supported by InfloHI

InfloHI monitors the outputs of routines along with user behavior, providing recommendations for evaluating risk. This supports accounting firms in identifying the transactions that require their focus.

Alignment with auditing standards

Testing of fraud, specifically journal entries, by auditors is under ever increasing scrutiny. Inflo provides a sophisticated and logical approach to executing testing inline with ISA 240, AU-C 240 or other standards, including detailed and reperformable workpaper documentation for inclusion in your files. No black-box, simply a compliant and powerful approach.

"In an ever-changing audit environment, we have recognised that the use of data analytics as part of our audit offering is a must. Inflo has assisted us with improving client service through increased insights and enhanced quality performance but also our ability to quickly identify high risk transactions. The Inflo team have been extremely supportive in helping us with our implementation and ensuring we obtain maximum benefit from the software."

David Gratton, Director, Duncan & Toplis Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors

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