Attractive for you and your client

Continuous auditing and compliance has been discussed for decades. However, the reality has been that the value was not compelling to clients and the cost of delivery to accounting firms was unattractive. Inflo solves both issues, allowing you to work in new ways with clients.

Seamless data ingestion

With clients familiar with Inflo’s data ingestion process, initiating continuous services becomes a part of month end close for client finance teams.

A compelling proposition

Clients receive so much value from Inflo they are actively requesting outputs more routinely during the year. Whether fraud, business process, or KPI benchmarking, Inflo’s outputs combined with your interpretation combine to provide a valuable client deliverable.

Smoothing busy-season peaks

Working with clients in this way allows certain compliance activities to be performed throughout the year. Whether performing audit tests, or analytical reviews to identify issues early, this reduces the busy-season pain, freeing you to focus on the key year-end issue or adding value.

"Inflo has been very helpful in audit proposals, complementing our existing strengths with a technology edge. We have been on a run of new client wins."

Mark Brunton, Partner, Tait Walker

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