Discover if every transaction follows your process

You know how a business process has been designed, perhaps even tested the controls in place to enforce that process. But how could you ever know if every accounting transaction followed this process? Before you couldn’t, but now you can with Inflo’s business process mining.

100% of transactions

No stone goes unturned. Inflo analyses every transaction in a business process, mapping the accounting combination to show which conform with expectations and which demonstrate unusual behavior. You can focus your attention and spend less time looking at standard transactions.

Advanced visualizations

Inflo presents potentially thousands of relationships across millions of transactions in a format which is instantly understandable.

Supported by InfloHI

InfloHI analyses accounting entry characteristics and decisions made upstream in Inflo to automatically map general ledger accounts to business processes.

"Inflo allows our teams to work in new ways and provide a more collaborative experience to our clients. We already have new clients from organisations seeking advisors using Inflo and we are excited to be able to augment the expertise in our team with data analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities."

Geoff Woodhouse, Head of Audit, Moore Stephens

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