Automated Reperformance

Many accounting services require accountants to document their work in line with reperformance standards. Capturing the work performed and documenting it in an organized and user-friendly format takes significant  time, but Inflo automates this process.

Comprehensive documentation

Inflo makes preparing consistent, compliant and easy-to-review working papers a matter of a few mouse-clicks. Inflo generates appropriate testing templates to match the nature of the work being performed and prompts users to document their decisions at relevant points throughout the testing process.

Free staff from tedious documentation

The embedded audit trail captures every action performed in the system, meaning that teams spend more time focusing on analysis and interpretation rather than mundane documentation. Reviewers get a consistent deliverable that allows them to immediately identify the key issues during testing.

"We have seen strong quality improvements from using Inflo on our audits. Clients have been blown away by our ability to quickly find the individual high-risk transactions."

Lisa Leighton, Partner, Barber, Harrison & Platt

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