What you can do with Verify & Review

Create a consistent, expansive data structure to include broader sub-ledgers and breakdowns of balances.

Phase the timing of compliance engagements across the year to provide a continuous, valuable service which makes the busy season peaks easier to handle.

Quickly perform detailed tasks such as sampling or targeted transaction identification to complement existing methodologies and processes.

Provide a more flexible experience to clients, allowing remote collaboration and follow-up work to be performed around other competing priorities.

Monitor detailed management information to maintain quality, understand user behaviours and identify training needs across teams, service lines or globally.

"Inflo allows our teams to work in new ways and provide a more collaborative experience to our clients. We already have new clients from organisations seeking advisors using Inflo and we are excited to be able to augment the expertise in our team with data analytics, machine learning and AI capabilities."

Geoff Woodhouse, Head of Audit, Moore Stephens

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