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As client demands for added business value and insight grow, it can be all too tempting to treat technology as a ‘silver bullet’. But technology alone, without the right data-centric processes to support it, can hinder rather than help. 


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Audit and Assurance

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Grow your value

To stand out in today’s market, you need to go beyond offering compliance. You need to be closer to your clients than ever before, giving proactive data-driven advice to help them make the most informed decisions.

Inflo helps you give clients a new perspective on their businesses while freeing your people to focus on critical thinking, and delivering more interesting, innovative, fee income-boosting services.

Simply, Inflo gives you the tools and capabilities to make the move from providing dated compliance, to instead offering rich, real-time insights. You attract new clients and work more broadly with your existing clients.

Quality and efficiency

The relentless advancement of technology and data in the modern business world has badly dated traditional audit and accounting processes. Firms attempting to incorporate digital technologies into analogue working practices are often left frustrated, feeling quality and efficiency are opposite objectives.

Inflo’s approach leverages data to redesign workflow. It creates greater standardization across processes, saving time while simultaneously improving consistency and the standard of documentation. Routine tasks are automated with superior data analytical techniques replacing legacy manual activities.

Attract talent

As new talent enters the workforce, accounting firms that can offer the latest technology have a competitive edge in the battle for talent.

Professionally-recognised by an ever-increasing number of accounting firms and auditors, Inflo is a modern, automated, and award-winning solution that can help you attract new talent.

By adopting Inflo, you can help your people learn how to apply analytical, visualisation, and problem solving techniques – upskilling in new and exciting ways that will benefit their career development, and your firm.

Digital Audit

Based on a proprietary, data-driven audit approach, Inflo’s Digital Audit is a complete solution that’s designed to transform manual and time-consuming audit processes – freeing you and your team to focus on more value-adding tasks.

By putting data, analytics, and AI recommendations at the core of your audit process, Inflo’s Digital Audit helps you transform your entire audit ecosystem – from planning and documentation, to risk assessment and testing – in one streamlined end-to-end process.

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Inflo is designed to deliver greater value from data, helping you take a truly data-driven approach to delivering audit and accounting services. Inflo adds progressive new technologies to your team, helping you deliver more value to clients and giving you a competitive edge.

And because Inflo is an award-winning solution that’s professionally recognised across the world, you can attract talent from the next generation of accountants – who expect their employers to use technology like Inflo to help them push their boundaries and do their best work.

Work flexibly, remotely, digitally

Easily collaborate with your colleagues and clients to perform your services securely and remotely. Use your access to data and data analytical techniques to work flexibly and deliver a new client experience.

Andrew Moyser

Partner & Head of Audit Innovation, MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Inflo allows the audit team to work on projects and to handle multiple clients. It also allows the audit team to be more flexible because we can now put together an audit team anywhere in the world to work on a remote audit. That for me is a game changer.

Some of the world’s best teams growing their value with Inflo

You don’t need to be a data expert to use Inflo — everything you need is presented in intuitive dashboards.