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Quality Management

A modern system of quality management (SoQM) that leverages digital technology to provide firms with practice-wide insights which were previously unattainable. No more checklists or spreadsheets.

Includes comprehensive configuration of your firm's quality objectives and designing of associated risks and responses (in line with the ISQMs), flexible risk assessment documentation, prompted reassessment, and real-time monitoring.

An entirely new way to think about quality management

Respond to configuration questions designed to tailor your SoQM and ensure compliance with the ISQMs requirements

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Standards Compliant

Comprehensive suite of questions to ensure alignment to the ISQMs requirements

Supported Configuration

Utilize Inflo Hybrid Intelligence to recommend Quality Risks and suggest mitigating Responses


Quickly identify and assign responsibilities within the SoQM to increase confidence and transparency

Dynamically supports complex many-to-many relationships between Quality Risks and Responses

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Risk Assessment

Unique and flexible scoring system allows your firm to document your risk assessment reasoning, easily and clearly 

Easy Review

Perform risk assessment visually through our Spectrum of Inherent Risks graph

Visual Checks

Ensure your Responses address the Quality Risks appropriately visually through our Spectrum of Residual Risks graph

Standardized Documentation

Consistently implement and standardize your documentation of Responses

Tailor the SoQM to align with your firm’s individual circumstances and needs and increase transparency and efficiency through better project management

inflo audit platform, quality management and ISQM


Tailored Content

Tailor or delete, add Quality Risks and Responses bespoke to your firm or import from Inflo’s Content library

Individualized Assessment

Assess and assign risk scores to each Quality Risk and subsequent reduction scores to each mitigating Response in line with the nature and circumstances of your firm

Assign Responsibility

Assign responsibility and reassessment dates at the overall SoQM level, or individually for each Quality Risk or Response

Once the SoQM has been designed and implemented you are now ready for monitoring activities to continually refine and improve


Automatic Notifications

In-platform notifications of reassessment dates of Quality Risks and Responses

Consistent Evaluation

Perform and document consistently the annual (as required by ISQMs) evaluation of your SoQM, which is saved logged, and accessible whenever needed

Quick Actions

Ability to add, track and assign remedial actions to any deficiencies identified as part of the evaluation of your SoQM


Real-time monitoring & review of engagements through Audit Quality Indicators (AQIs)

Inflo QMS - Product Overview

Ensuring your firm embraces a modern approach to designing and implementing a system of quality management is easy with Inflo QMS. Our short explainer video provides you with a quick look at how Inflo QMS can help you get there!

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