Data Analytics

A broad range of intuitive audit data analytics 

Inflo’s 6 data analytics Modules offer a broad range of audit data analytics. These intuitive techniques advance simple activities such as preliminary analytical review, while transforming high risk areas such as journals and revenue testing.  Incrementally bring quality data analytics into your audit, unlocking a smarter approach to impress your clients and develop your staff. 

Work smarter, not harder 

Impress clients and attract new ones

Improve the quality of your audits 

Provide an interesting staff experience

Smarter, not harder

Replace dated, manual work with automated techniques.

  • Replace traditional testing. Use data analytical techniques instead of manual, inefficient sampling and analysis. 
  • Instant identification. Quickly find the notable transactions or variances that matter using intuitive visualizations. 
  • AI powered. Learn from InfloHI suggestions and run intelligent queries with no scripting necessary. 
  • Fully documented. Produce comprehensive, standardized documentation to achieve robust, compliant audit tests. 

Impress clients 

Provide a uniquely valuable client experience. 

  • Engage differently. Involve clients in the audit process more, exploring visualization and analysis. 
  • Improved understanding. Elevate your understanding of the business to ask more interesting and valuable questions. 
  • Unique insights. Provide clients with valuable insights on their business and how they compare to peers. 
  • Attract clients. Showcase valuable insights and a new approach to prospective clients. 

Improve audit quality

Perform audit work to a higher standard. 

  • Entire data sets. Replace sampling of disparate schedules with analyzing every transaction. 
  • Risk focused. Inform risk assessment and identify anomalies to focus your audit testing. 
  • Compliant testing. Ensure audit work conforms with your policies and is documented to high standards. 
  • Peer comparison. Go beyond single data set analysis to comparing results to your client’s peers. 

A new staff experience 

Develop your staff and offer more interesting career prospects. 

  • Automate the mundane. Remove manual, low-value taskdraining your team.  
  • Understand business. Improve your team’s business acumen and ability to deliver broader services.  
  • Promote creativity. Advance analytical thinking in your team and bring more creativity and value to the audit process.  
  • Recruit and retain. Attract and retain the most talented team members. 

Whether you’re after a single capability or a complete audit solution, Inflo has everything you need


Committing to exceeding client expectations


Hurst felt behind the curve and determined the time was right to start their digital transformation journey. On a three-year quest to find a progressive solution to fit their aspirations, Hurst implemented Inflo in 2020.


Taking a modular approach, Hurst leveraged Inflo to complement core back-end technologies. The leadership team have continually been rewarded, receiving incredible unsolicited feedback from clients.

Anthony Woodings

Business Services Partner, Hurst

Inflo has vastly improved our competitive edge. Previously we were hindered by not having the right technology in place to meet the expectations of future clients. Inflo solved that problem.

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