The Digital Audit Series: Introducing the Digital Audit

The Digital Audit series cover Over a decade ago, accounting firms moved from paper-based audit systems to paperless. In most cases, this simply moved a ‘document-centric’ audit approach from paper to electronic but continued the same ‘audit binder’ approach that has been in place for decades. As a profession, we’ve changed our storage media and document formats, but we’ve not meaningfully changed processes, outputs, or client value. Fundamentally, the way the audit is conducted has remained essentially the same.

This is all set to change…

Accounting firm clients, as well as existing and prospective staff, expect accounting firms to be not just digitally savvy, but to be digitally progressive. They expect their accounting firm to be financial data experts, using new technologies to continually improve the client and the staff experience. Achieving this level of expertise and leadership with authenticity will require firms to pursue digital opportunities and embrace digital transformation.

Don’t get left behind…

If you are looking to gain competitive advantage and attract clients by adopting new technologies which allow your firm to provide clients with better service and greater value, look no further. This guide is a must-have for any firm expecting to remain competitive and relevant in the accounting profession. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a new way of thinking about the value of the audit and a new way of conducting the audit, putting you on a path to true digital transformation. Download this guide now and learn more about:

  1. What a Digital Audit is
  2. New client experiences
  3. Enhancing your audit quality
  4. Transformation steps
  5. Phased approaches of digital adoption
  6. Key considerations

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