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Key topics featured this month:

  • Digital Audit Transformation
  • Future Firm Series
  • Digital Audit Conversations
  • Audit Quality and Methodology
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Inflo Insight

Launched in 2021, Inflo Insight delivers thought leadership articles, research and expert opinions on accounting and audit issues. Our content examines the complexity and challenges audit firms are facing in an evolving business landscape. Our intention is to summarise and simplify key trends and takeaways that saves you time, builds knowledge and capability to adapt.

Digital Audit Transformation

Our In Focus series deep dives into a trending topic. Designed as a bundle of resources that covers all the angles from a range of experts. You can view articles, webcast events, videos and whitepapers providing you a number of learning pathways to suit your preferred style.

Digital Audit Conversations

Inflo leadership and CEO, Mark Edmondson host the profession’s most prominent thought leaders and audit professionals globally.

Guests share their personal experiences, perspectives, and insights on the most pertinent issues impacting the audit and accounting profession.

Future Firm Series

Future Firm Series is a four-part series designed to prepare firms for a Digital Audit Transformation. Topics include digital technology adoption, building digital capabilities, amplifying collaboration and maximizing the shift to a full Digital Audit.

2021 Future Firm Series by Inflo

Inflo Events

Inflo sponsors and hosts conferences, virtual events and webcasts. In Inflo pulse you can find information on how to attend our program of events that explore new market trends and will advance your digital audit skills and expertise.

Explore what Inflo Pulse has to offer or to hear more about Inflo products and get a demo contact us.

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