Client with multiple subsidiaries and staff

What was the pain point?

Project management on this client had always been challenging to manage. There were around 30 different subsidiaries and large numbers of finance staff spread across separate locations. This meant that keeping track of the status of client information was a manual, time consuming task. It was difficult to identify where delays were being caused and to make sure that all the necessary information had been provided. This led to the project going significantly over budget due to inefficiencies.

How did Inflo help?

Inflo’s workflow management functionality gave both the engagement team and the client full visibility over the status of deliverables and the progress of the engagement. Client management valued the ability to track which divisions were causing holdups so they could allocate resources to ensure smooth progress. Engagement teams were able to stagger requests by urgency using the due date functionality within Inflo to make sure that requests were appropriately prioritised.

What was the result?

Inflo ensured both the client and the engagement team were able to adhere to deadlines and achieve completion ahead of schedule. The client saw significant reductions in the time required to provide information, with the engagement team able to spend less time on administration and more time delivering a valuable experience to their client. Both teams were excited for an even better experience next year using Inflo’s roll-forward functionality.

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