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Auditors using Inflo are working more effectively and unlocking unique data-driven insights.

But what does this mean for you as an Accountant in Business?

Whether you’re a CFO, CEO or Non-Executive Director, the way you work with your auditors will be transformed forever.

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Receive new outputs

Without the right tools, auditors spend too much time doing compliance tasks and too little time adding value to your business.

Inflo provides new dashboard outputs for your auditors to discuss with you to advance your business, including benchmarking your financial performance against industry peers.

Work on your terms

Traditional audits can be painstaking processes. With countless back and forth emails, and advisors often needing to visit you on site, they can be time consuming and costly.

Inflo is a cloud-based platform, meaning it’s available anywhere, and on any device. This gives your advisors the freedom to perform your audit remotely. And it gives you the freedom to upload documentation through the platform’s secure portal – so everyone can quickly access the information they need.

Improve efficiency

Disparate processes and ad hoc information requests from your advisors can waste your team's valuable time.

Inflo's intuitive dashboards provide transparent and streamlined information sharing. Status tracking and deadline management avoid duplication and save you time.

Share data securely

Remote, digital audits are reliant on securely sharing of data and information. Sophisticated security is critical to protecting confidential information.

It’s why Inflo uses Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to store and process financial data. Backed by 256-bit AES encryption and ISO 27001 certification, it puts data protection at the heart of every transaction.

It's time to grow your value.

Inflo is a cloud based digital platform that centres around collaboration – combining a transparent information sharing portal with intuiative dashboards that show each teams’ progress at every stage. It means you can work with your advisers to get them the data they need in as few steps as possible and ensure your work is progressing to schedule.

Inflo integrates with any accounting platform and can process any file format. Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Inflo conforms with major data protection standards such as ISO 27001, storing and processing your data where it originated. Because it’s backed by 256-bit AES encryption, you can be confident your data is secure.

And by using the power of automation, Inflo also removes manual processes to improve efficiency, and help save you time which you can put back into growing your business.

Track status information and progress in real time on any device


Marti Hulley

Finance Director, Maisons Marques et Domaine Ltd

As clients of Azets I have been using Inflo recently and have found it to be an excellent workflow solution. it has been extremely easy to communicate and share documents with the team at Azets. The software is very user friendly, requires no training from our side and has been very straightforward and stable. As we continue to work remotely the functionality provided allows us to converse with the audit team at Azets, sharing information and progress updates on a real time basis.

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