Inflo Announces Collaboration with Grant Thornton

Inflo Limited is delighted to announce their successful collaboration with one of the largest accountancy firms in the UK.

Grant Thornton UK LLP has partnered with Inflo to maximise the value received by clients from their assurance services. Grant Thornton have been working very closely with Inflo over the past year to evaluate the benefits to their staff and the value to their clients and to plan for a scaled roll out.

Commenting on the collaboration, Sue Almond, Head of Assurance, Grant Thornton UK LLP, said: “This relationship has been tried and tested with both our people and clients to ensure it is targeted to specifically meet individual needs. This is part of our commitment to delivering quality with a focus on having the right people, doing the right job at the right time to ensure maximum client value delivery. Our work with Inflo has already created an even better quality performance, improving client interactions, and providing better insight and I’m delighted to be working with them.”

Inflo allows accountancy firms to analyse 100% if transactions in a business through data analytics to deliver an enhanced level of value to clients. Inflo improves the accuracy, speed and overall experience of services such as external audit which builds stronger, more valuable relationships with their clients. Mark Edmondson, CEO at Inflo said: “We are delighted to formally announce our relationship with Grant Thornton. We have worked very closely with the Grant Thornton team to ensure that the trial was successful and that our capabilities equally apply to the range of plc to owner managed clients Grant Thornton work with. The partnership between our organisations will prove incredibly valuable to current and future clients.”

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