Using a Digital Audit to deliver a new client experience

The Digital Audit changes how you engage with audit clients, allowing you to place the client at the centre of your audit process and put them at the core of your audit business. This in turn provides you with critical information and data to better understand what it’s like to be a client of your firm.

Advantages of a Digital Audit

The Digital Audit is customer-centric and data-driven.

It enables a range of client benefits, many of which are also benefits your firm and your staff:

  • An entirely new level of collaboration and remote working enablement,
  • Increased transparency leading to more effective project management,
  • Complementary data interrogation,
  • New insights and analysis, both macro and micro,
  • Greater security.

Changing client perception

One of the more powerful aspects of the digital audit is that, if done correctly, it can change how your clients view the audit. Rather than viewing the audit as a once-a-year compliance grind, clients begin to see the audit as an ongoing source of value for their business.

This naturally leads to ‘continuous audits’ with continuous feedback loops, but it gets you there, not as an ongoing compliance routine, but in a way that enhances your client’s customer journey and keeps it fresh and relevant.

The possibilities are endless.

Begin your digital transformation journey

Inflo have helped many firms at every stage of the audit process on their digital transformation journey.

Inflo’s Digital Audit platform offers a one-stop shop for accountancy firms. It incorporates intuitive data analytics, a progressive audit methodology developed by our team of audit experts, and an audit platform powered by emerging technology.

Watch the launch event on-demand

As part of our campaign to drive adoption of the Digital Audit, we ran a one-hour virtual event to share insights from leading industry influencers on the benefits of adopting a Digital Audit.  The session is now available to watch on demand.

Digital Audit video on demandFind out more

To learn more about how the Inflo Digital Audit can help you drive efficiency, transform audit quality and client value and create a more interesting staff experience, book a meeting with our team.

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