Remote Auditing Master Class – How to Maintain Effective Service Delivery

Partners and Managers from three of Inflo’s customer firms share advice and practical demonstrations of how they perform remote audits. 

Watch clips from each speaker, or see the extended highlights at the bottom of this post. 

Rachel Sanders – Duncan & Toplis

Rachel demonstrates how she uses Inflo’s collaboration and data ingestion functionality to gather all the information her and her team need to perform audits remotely. Rachel also explains how visualisations and drill down functionality allow her to be less reliant on her clients and answer her own questions. 

Sam Toothill – Grant Thornton

Sam shows how a broad range of audit sampling techniques can be automated when remote auditing. Through auditing a single, reliable data set and standard system-generated documentation. 

Richard Williams – Beever and Struthers

Richard explains how, as the individual signing the audit opinion, he takes a lot of confidence from using data analytics and artificial intelligence to support work over significant risk areas of the audit. And how work in this area supports the broader audit when performed remotely. 

Tom Emmett – Grant Thornton

Tom showcases advanced auditing techniques over the revenue area and how remotely analysing 100% of revenue transactions leads to a greater focus on risk, reduced sample sizes and more value for the client. 

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