Inflo Digital Audit - Definitive Guide 2021

The definitive guide to performing external audits digitally

The Inflo Digital Audit is uniquely scalable supporting audits of the most complex, publicly listed clients through to the smallest private business, performed by any size audit and accounting firm.

At its core, Inflo’s Digital Audit is free to use. Audit and accounting firms across the world can leverage a transformational approach to delivering audit services for no initial investment and no ongoing license fee without limitation.

The Digital Audit is enhanced through advanced digital and data technologies. These premium capabilities are seamlessly integrated to the Digital Audit approach and tiered to fit each engagement. Engagement teams can utilize premium functionality on an engagement by engagement basis, selecting the appropriate functionality for each audit they perform.

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You don’t need to be a data expert to use Inflo — everything you need is presented in intuitive dashboards.