Digital Audit

Inflo’s Digital Audit is transformational. It’s a new way of conducting the audit process. It’s a new way of thinking about the value of audit services. Changing how accounting firms engage their clients, the Digital Audit allows you to place the client at the centre of your audit process and put them at the core of your audit business.

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Inflo Digital Audit

Inflo’s Digital Audit is the accounting profession’s first data-driven audit platform designed for the modern, digital business world. It combines unparalleled data acquisition, embedded client collaboration, progressive data analytics and dynamic reporting with a proprietary methodology and work papers solution – all in one cloud-based platform. 

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It’s time to reset the audit

Over a decade ago, accounting firms moved from paper-based audit systems to paperless. But audit services have not meaningfully changed in decades, significantly impairing the efficiency of the process, the quality of the work and the value of the outputs.

Becoming digital firm means leveraging digital technologies, digital expertise, and digital infrastructure to achieve client-centered, data driven business outcomes. 

Inflo’s Digital Audit transforms the way you perform audits, and how you enthuse the next generation of accountants entering our profession and your firm.


See the Inflo Digital Audit in action

See for yourself how the Inflo Digital Audit can transform the value of your audits

Digital Audit Guide

If you are looking to gain competitive advantage and attract clients by adopting new technologies which allow your firm to provide clients with better service and greater value, look no further. This guide is a must-have for any firm expecting to remain competitive and relevant in the accounting profession. In this guide, we’ll walk you through a new way of thinking about the value of the audit and a new way of conducting the audit, putting you on a path to true digital transformation. Download this guide now and learn more about:

  1. What a Digital Audit is
  2. New client experiences
  3. Enhancing your audit quality
  4. Transformation steps
  5. Phased approaches of digital adoption
  6. Key considerations
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Flexible Transformation

Whatever your aspirations, Inflo offers the right approach to digital transformation of your firm's audit services.

Work smarter, not harder

unprecedented efficiency through standardisation, and automation.

Impress clients and attract new ones

deliver more client value by offering a better approach and new insights.

Improve the quality of your audits

deliver consistent audits complying with standards.

Watch our global launch event and see the digital audit in action.