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We recently caught up with Najoung Kim and Rick Montalbano from MSPC Certified Public Accountants and Advisors based in New Jersey and New York, USA to gain an understanding of their experiences of using Inflo across their engagements.

Taking control of project management

Inflo Collaborate quickly became integral for MSPC’s client engagements following their adoption of Inflo in the latter part of 2020. Inflo Collaborate has played a vital role in supporting secure file collaboration and effective workflow management with MSPC’s clients.

With a global pandemic ushering in new ways of working, MSPC recognised the opportunity to update their practices and develop new methods of working more efficiently with their clients to add more value, and this is where Inflo Collaborate provided those foundations.

The days of losing information via email are now over.

“The implementation of Inflo Collaborate has transformed the way we manage our engagements, allowing both us and the client to keep track of engagements in real time e.g., outstanding information requests. It has also opened up a better level of communication because delays are easily identifiable, allowing us to go straight back to the client for relevant updates.”

There’s more too.

Solving problems one module at a time

Having a keen audit team that has embraced the use of Inflo and responded well to change, MSPC looked further afield to data analytics and took on board both preliminary analytics and progressive analytics modules.

“Our managing partner always emphasises the importance of data analytics and that by not adopting it, firms will get left behind. I wholeheartedly agree and would tell others in the profession the same thing.”

On the preliminary analytics front, MSPC uses:

  • Inflo Explore to interrogate information, visualise characteristics, and identify relationships amongst all transactions,
  • Inflo Select to perform automated test samples from a population of transactions,
  • Inflo Flux to show how their client’s business is performing using trial balance data.

From a progressive analytics perspective, MSPC applies complex, inbuilt automated tests within Inflo Detect to instantly identify transactions with unusual characteristics.

“Inflo is more encompassing than anything we have been using before and connects the dots a little more on the audit.”

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