Grow your value with Inflo

Inflo is one of the fastest-growing audit platforms on the market. It’s an award-winning solution that’s relied on by thousands of firms in more than 120 countries around the world.

Here's what's on offer

We’re growing quickly, which means you’ll be expected to take a lead role in our future. But working for Inflo is a two-way street. In exchange for your skills and hard work, we offer a supportive working environment that’s designed to help you get the most out of your career.

The freedom to speak out

We believe communication and transparency are essential for us to learn from each other – that includes our leadership team. That’s why we give our people the opportunity to share and access information, and give us regular feedback

Flexible working

We don’t micromanage or expect you to work set hours – you know how you work best. Guided by agile and flexible working principles, we let you work when you want, wherever you want.

We believe work shouldn’t feel like a grind. we’ll help you achieve the perfect work-life balance.

An industry-leading technology company

Inflo is an industry-leading audit platform, known for challenging and leading complex organisational transformations to make our customers more successful. By joining Inflo, you’ll be part of our industry revolution

A world-class team

Above all, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best in the business. Attracted to Inflo for its industry reputation and development opportunities, each team member is dedicated to making Inflo bigger and better

Our core values

When we founded Inflo, we set out to change the world, one firm at a time. But we didn’t want growth to come at the cost of our values. Inflo’s core values not only make up the company’s foundation, they also extend through to our products. From your first interview through to your continued growth and development, these principles guide our approach to work and business:


Treat Inflo like it’s your own business.


Do as you say you’ll do.


Continually improve yourself.


Proactively drive the long-term success of partners and customers.


Create a positive, open, and honest environment.


Be passionate and celebrate our team’s success.

Hear from our people

Erin Austin Development

At Inflo, I'm encouraged and supported in spending time on personal development. I'm far more productive and feel really trusted by the company which makes me a better team member!

James Giblin Data

Inflo is always fighting for the smaller companies. They are constantly looking at what is currently happening in the profession and always thinking how Inflo can change that for the better.

Graham Clark Development

If you want to work in an exciting SaaS company, who are revolutionizing an important, proud, yet very traditional profession, then Inflo is the place for you!

Tom Skelton Information Security

Moving to Inflo was one of the best things I've ever done, and I hope to continue working for Inflo for many years to come.

Louise Edwards Customer Success

When I onboarded remotely, Inflo's HR Manager, Lyndsey, made sure I had sufficient office equipment to complete my job and we regularly have mental health and well-being check-ins.

Justin Januszewski Finance

Every day I feel like I have made a difference. It's exciting and challenging in equal measure working in such a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

Cheryl Stydnicki Centre of Excellence

Inflo is filled with great people in a collaborative environment. If you want to excel as a performer, be responsible to work both independently and collaborative as a team, Inflo is a great environment to do this.

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